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M-Store, the Concept Store of the Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona's.

The Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona shop has its own name M-STORE. It’s a unique store dedicated to design that offers collector’s products. Each piece is unique and special and reinforces the personality of Moritz while transmitting our values.


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In order to do this, we created co-brandings with different brands to create ad hoc products such as Munich, La Central, Pappabubble, Kukis, Cooking The Kitchen Company, Opinel, Moleskine and Vaho. However we couldn’t leave out the most classic Moritz products such as special edition t-shirts, vintage posters and the current set of dishes including small Moritz cups, glasses, the shandy glass and two new ceramic pitchers with a tin cover.

Another part of the shop consists of the daily zone where the undeniable star is fresh beer to go. This is the same beer that you can currently consume at Fàbrica Moritz Brewery but you can buy it to go. It is unpasteurized and will last one week in the fridge. This part of the shop is made complete with a kiosk area where you can find national and international newspapers as well as a careful selection of magazines on the latest news in trends, fashion, gastronomy, economy and architecture.

This same area also has a bakery which goes by the name of Triticum. The bakery offers high quality gastronomical products that are made fresh every day such as Epidor bread. 

To round it out, the musical ambience in the M-Store is courtesy of CD DROME which not only manages the music in the store but also provides information on the vinyl records available for sale in the shop.

A distinguishing feature of the shop is that it changes every six months. The products available as well as the interior design periodically change by means of a central axis around which related activities are organized.

Therefore, the M-STORE relies on the collaboration of Chu Uroz, a renowned figure in the world of fashion, design and trends to act as a concept designer and a content commissary. 

· How can I get here? ·

Fàbrica Moritz BarcelonaRonda Sant Antoni, 39

Open every day from 7am to 1am

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· Souvenir by M-Store ·

M-Store new concept

· M-Store Inauguration, the film! ·


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Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona

A meeting point in the center of Barcelona, where anything can happen. 

Brewery open from 6 am to 3 am; a complete wine bar, Bar à Vins; the M-Store, a “Concept Store” with a Triticum bakery, a newsstand, unpasteurized fresh beer and design objects; multipurpose rooms where we celebrate cultural events, presentations and parties each day; one of Europe's largest microbreweries... 

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Micro-brewery products

As with pork, everything may be used in beer!


As well as creating Moritz and Epidor unpasteurized beers, at our micro-brewery we also use the surplus produce to make biscuits, cosmetics and bread. Come in and we will explain. 

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Have you noticed that the beer you drink at Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona is different? 

Well the explanation is quite simple. All the beer consumed at FMB is produced on-site at our microbrewery. Our machine is capable of producing two, 20 hL batches of Moritz unpasteurized, fresh beer.  


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Moritz Bar à Vins

More than 400 wine references by the glass, by weight, by the bottle or in a "porró" glass wine pitcher

At Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona, wine also has its place in our Bar à Vins, located on the right hand side as you enter. Despite its small size, the space annexed to the Moritz brewery bar is home to a vast world of flavors and aromas in the form of top of the line wines.


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Unpasteurized, fresh beer

Moritz at its finest.

If you’ve had the chance to taste it at Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona, then you’ll know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, then read on...





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