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The beer of Barcelona.

Who would have told Louis Moritz, who came to Barcelona originally from Alsace, that more than 150 years later his beer would become a symbol of the city, woven in with its culture, gastronomy and history? Without overlooking of course its taste and quality.



Et portem la Moritz a casa
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· Caracteristiques tecniques ·

tantes bombolles com saraus muntem a la Fabrica Moritz
maltes extra pal lides. conreades exclusivament per fer la nostra cervesa
flor de llupol de saaz. Un dels mes aromatics (i cars!) del mon
H2mo Aigua del Montseny*
* L'unica cervesa elaborada integrament amb aigua mineral natural del brollador font d'or del montseny.
  • Pilsner, fermentacio baixa
  • Groc daurat clar
  • Blanca, esponjosa, abundant
  • Suau
  • Moderat, notes de pa, intensos tocs de llupol
  • Suau, agradable, notes dolces de malta i cereals, tocs citrics
  • Lleuger
  • Un pel dolc i lleugerament amarg
  • 5,4% vol.
  • 5-8ºC
  • Pilsner

· Want to know more? ·

When we talk about a Moritz, we’re talking about a light golden pilsner beer with abundant, white bubbly foam. Are you starting to get a craving? We are too. Just writing these lines about its soft and pleasant taste with sweet notes of malt and cereal and a light body made our mouths water.

But how did Moritz get to be so good? Well, just like the rest of Moritz beer, it is made with water from the Font d’Or spring in Montseny. We also use Saaz hops flowers which are well-known for their quality and low tanks for the fermentation process to obtain an excellent product. 

You know, all this theory is not so bad but the best thing is to come and discover it for yourself. Come by the bar or head on over to the supermarket and prepare yourself to taste a well-chilled Moritz and only then will you understand what we’re talking about.

Cheers and Moritz!

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The smallest Moritz.

The 20cl. bottle or “quintu” has made a comeback and is here to stay. Many of you have been asking for it for some time now and thanks to the noise you made on social networks and in your local bars and supermarkets, we’ve decided to put it back on the market.  Now you can enjoy 20 centiliters of pure Moritz pleasure. 





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Aigua de Moritz

0% alcohol, 100% aroma.

Anyone that says “0.0% beer has no taste” is left speechless after trying Aigua de Moritz, our 0.0% alcohol-free beer.  This healthy beverage stands out for its aroma of the Saaz hops flower. 





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Moritz Epidor

Our darkest side...

Perhaps you’re more for Batman than Superman? Or maybe you’re someone who actually thinks the good-looking people are strange? If you answered “yes”, then you are likely to be an Epidor drinker. The alternative. A strong, bodied and toasted beer with a personality that is all Moritz.




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Unpasteurized, fresh beer

Moritz at its finest.

If you’ve had the chance to taste it at Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona, then you’ll know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, then read on...





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